Did you know that your helper can play an important role in your toddler or young child’s learning and development?

Thanks to Hong Kong’s YMCA, in partnership with the North American Montessori Center (NAMC), your helper can study the principles of the fun and interactive Montessori education method. She will gain a whole new skill set that she can put to use during playtime with your children, helping them to build excitement for learning through enjoyable games and sensory development.

Montessori Training Program for Domestic Helpers
The YMCA is pleased to host this unique Montessori teaching curriculum, which has been designed and recognized by NAMC.  Tailor-made for domestic helpers, this special course allows them the flexibility to earn an internationally recognized diploma from home.

Helpers are offered different diploma programs, depending on the age of the children they care for: Infant/Toddler (0 to 3 years old) or Early Childhood (3 to 6 years old). The program is taught through self-study, videos, and assignments to be completed at home. A tutor is also assigned to each helper to give guidance throughout the course. If a helper completes the course within the 6 month period, she receives a diploma and is considered a graduate of the Montessori Teaching Program.



Our Behind-the-Scenes Visit
After six months of studying, participants of the Early Childhood program are required to attend a 4-hour session at the YMCA for hands-on practice with Montessori materials. Helpwise was invited to observe one of these special sessions, where participants who completed the day’s assignments were considered graduates of the course.

The room was organized much like a Montessori classroom, with various stations of traditional Montessori materials for Sensorial and Mathematic learning set out on different tables. When the helpers arrived, they were asked to find a seat at the main table in the center of the room which served as their workstation for the four hour session.




Each helper was tasked with completing a list of activities that correlated with each station. The students were allowed to reference their reading material and videos—if needed—while completing the list of work, and there was a facilitator available to assist on tasks or answer questions.






Much like a Montessori learning environment, participants completed each station’s work at their seats. They returned the material back to each station before proceeding on to the next set of materials.

At the end of the session, the successful participants were considered graduates of the program, and they will later receive a diploma in the mail to mark their achievement.




Closing Thoughts
Signing your helper up for the YMCA Montessori Teaching diploma will equip her with long-trusted methods that can greatly enrich your child’s at-home playtime. Your helper will also benefit from the entire experience – from studying, to testing her skills, and then the satisfaction of graduating the course – and can receive renewed purpose and enthusiasm for her work.

YMCA of Hong Kong Info
The YMCA of Hong Kong offers a wide variety of professional courses for domestic helpers.
Every Sunday, the 6th floor of the YMCA building in Tsim Sha Tsui bustles with domestic helpers seeking to gain new skills, ranging from computer skills, to beauty and massage, to healthcare and fitness.

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