Hot Topics and Home Guidelines

Do you wonder if creating household rules for your helper will help or hurt your working relationship? Have you tried to create boundaries, but aren’t sure if they’re effective? Do you wish you could discuss your options in a safe and friendly environment?

Setting healthy and balanced boundaries can bring clarity for both you and your helper. Understanding your own expectations and learning to communicate these to your helper has the potential to greatly improve your working relationship, if done well.

In this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn more about helper “hot topics” (food, loans, working hours, cameras, privacy, etc.)
  • Discuss the pro’s and con’s of different perspectives through a guided, non-judgmental conversation
  • Get advice on helper-related questions or rules that you may be curious about
  • Develop guidelines and boundaries that feel comfortable for your household and personality

Join us for discussions on these relevant topics, and grow in confidence for creating guidelines that work best for your own home and helper!

Format: 3 hour workshop
Workshop Fee: HK$400

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