woman-792162_1280Get the full group workshop experience in a convenient and personalized one-on-one setting. Melanie will incorporate your specific needs and questions into a private workshop as she leads you through the interactive exercises and tools.

Private workshops can be delivered by phone or in-person. The workshop topics that you can choose from include:

  • Should I Get a Helper?: The 5 of the most common questions and concerns get answered
  • How to Hire & Interview: Techniques for increasing your chances of finding a good match
  • Helper Management Essentials: Systems and tools for professionalizing this unique relationship
  • Training & Communicating: How to build, manage, and sustain your helper’s performance
  • Setting Boundaries & Expectations: How to develop guidelines to create a happy home
  • Handling Conflict & Challenges: Getting prepared for potential difficulties
  • Parenting With a Helper: Navigating the tricky parent-child-helper triangle

Private Workshop Fee:

  • By phone: HK$700 / 2 hour session
  • In-person: HK$1200 / 2 hour session

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 Should I Get a Helper?

 Hiring & Interviewing

 Helper Management Essentials

 Training & Communication

 Setting Boundaries & Expectations

 Handling Conflicts & Challenges

 Parenting With A Helper

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