First Aid for Domestic Helpers

For many families in Hong Kong, it is common for the domestic helper to spend a significant amount of time with the children of the family, so more and more families are finding it worthwhile to have their helpers gain basic understanding in first aid, so they can respond appropriately should an emergency arise. Helpwise recently had the privilege of visiting a paediatric emergency first aid course at Matilda International Hospital to observe learning in action.

Matilda Hospital Domestic Helper Class

What is Matilda International Hospital?

Located at The Peak, Matilda International Hospital has been providing health care for 108 years. The Hospital’s Centres of Excellence specialties include orthopaedics, spine, and general surgeries, ear, nose and throat, O&G, and outpatient services. Its rich history, heritage, and breathtaking view from the Peak provide a calming environment for its patients and students. The midwives at the Maternity Department are highly regarded for their personalised care, and as such, hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the “bumps” community. As a not-for-profit organisation, the hospital is also active in health education, and runs maternal health and child care classes for parents, domestic helpers, and other caregivers.


The Paediatric Emergency First Aid Course for Domestic Helpers

We were invited to observe Matilda International Hospital’s Paediatric Emergency First Aid Course for domestic helpers. It is an 8-hour class taught by a certified first aid instructor who provides practical, first-hand knowledge. This course is designed to be relevant to domestic helpers who are tasked with caring for children.

Held in the same teaching room as their child care course for helpers, the room is bright and spacious with props (mannequins and mats) for each participant to practice on.

A portion of the course is taught at the table, listening to the instructor and watching video, and a portion of the class is devoted to hands-on exercises. Each participant is given a first aid handbook to take notes in real-time and to reference upon completion of the course.

Matilda First Aid Course

Joyce, the instructor, is a licensed nurse in Canada and the U.S. with over 20 years of experi-ence working as a nurse in emergency care. For the last 8 years, she has poured her knowledge into teaching CPR and First Aid all over Hong Kong.

Matilda First Aid Course

Joyce is energetic and engages the students by asking them to imagine themselves in emer-gency situations with the children they care for. After short video segments, she randomly selects students to answer questions like “how many compressions and breaths do you make for every cycle of CPR?” It is an effective way to ensure students pay attention to the video lesson.

The CPR component of the class is highly interactive. There are adult-size and baby-size mannequins for each participant to practice the different methods of CPR per age. For each age group (adult, child, and baby) Joyce demonstrates the process first. Naturally, some students immediately try to imitate her actions, but she quickly asks them to only watch first, so they can pay full attention.

Matilda First Aid Course

Matilda First Aid Course

After some practice, Joyce ensures students are able to put what they learned into practice by evaluating them in groups of 3-4 students. She completes an assessment form for each student, as she watches their response and technique to a hypothetical emergency situation with their mannequin. When she sees improper technique, she immediately corrects the error and asks the student to try again. They quickly understand that Joyce wants to be sure they know how to correctly respond and perform CPR if they ever find themselves in this type of emergency situation.

Matilda First Aid Course

Joyce’s passion for teaching emergency first aid is translated into the students’ eagerness to learn and be trained on the material, which covers topics from choking to severe bleeding to burns. Successful completion of the practical assessment on CPR will grant the helpers first aid certification, valid for 3 years by First Aid International from the U.K..

Closing Thoughts

Matilda International Hospital’s first aid course for domestic helpers is very balanced and covers a lot of general situations requiring first aid. While the course focuses on paediatric first aid, adult first aid information was taught at various points in the course as well.

Class numbers are kept to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that each attendee has her own mannequin prop and receives personal attention from the instructor. The amount of important information, the effectiveness of instruction, and the quality of props mirrored the child care course that we previously visited. It is apparent that Matilda International Hospital’s reputation for excellence is consistent throughout their education department.

Matilda International Hospital Info

Address: 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Phone: 2849 0111