What’s one thing you wish your helper knew how to do today, but you just don’t have the time to teach her yourself? Maybe you wish she knew how to fold a shirt properly or how to make your family’s favorite lasagna or Chinese soup.

Well, with the beauty of today’s internet and Smartphones, there are three wonderfully time-saving ways to train your helper in 60 seconds:

      1. Print Pictures: Find a picture online that will show your helper what you’d like to teach her. For instance, if she keeps forgetting how to set the table properly, you can search Google images for “table setting“, and then print out the one you like. Give her the print-out to keep, or put it up on your refrigerator.
      2. Print Instructions: You can also use that handy “print” button to give her instructions or recipes. Simply search for things like how to clean a sofa or an easy spaghetti recipe.  Copy and paste those instructions into a Word document, and press print! Show it to your helper, let her read it over, and ask her if she has any questions.
      3. YouTube Videos: Some tasks or recipes are difficult to describe to your helper. Luckily, these days you can find short videos online on just about any topic. Try searching YouTube for a quick video that explains the task you want your helper to get better at, such as how to pick a ripe avocado. Watch the short video with your helper, and then ask her if she has any questions. I’m always amazed at how helpful a few seconds of video-watching can be!
Helpwise Hint: You can buy a folder from the stationery store for your helper to store the various print-out instructions that you give her, so she can have them handy for future reference.

There’s an English expression that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When someone is able to see something with their eyes, it is often more memorable for them than a verbal description. Giving your helper visual instructions can go a long way in helping them understand what you mean, without taking up too much of your own time.

So go ahead. Cheat a little on those days you don’t have time to teach her yourself. There’s no shame in being efficient.

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