We’re entering the holiday season where many of us get to indulge in tasty snacks and extra helpings at the dinner table. Yet around the corner awaits our New Year’s self who wants to start eating more healthily and the thought of getting your helper to support your new eating habits seems intimidating.

Don’t despair! Emma Kwan, founder of the Hong Kong Helpers Cookery Class, can help you train your helper to support a healthy diet for you and your family.

What is Hong Kong Helpers Cookery?

Hong Kong Helpers Cookery is a series of healthy cookery classes founded and taught by Emma Kwan. Emma worked as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist for 8 years. During that time, her eyes were opened to a new way of cooking and preparing healthy meals and she became a chef for a diet/detox meal delivery company and eventually branched off to start her own juice cleanse business.

When Emma got pregnant earlier this year and wanted her new helper trained in the kitchen to support her family’s healthy lifestyle. She found a gap in the market for these types of helper classes and decided to focus on healthy meals with an emphasis on good quality ingredients.

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Emma started the Facebook Group “Hong Kong Helpers Cookery Classes” and opened up her home in Happy Valley to hold these increasingly popular classes. There are already close to 300 members in the group and classes are often filled to maximum capacity, prompting the need for additional weekend classes.

The Spiralizer Class

Helpwise was lucky to grab a spot in the Hong Hong Helpers Cookery popular spiralizer class.

Emma’s spiralizer class teaches domestic helpers how to use the spiralizer and offers 4-5 dishes to prepare with the specially cut vegetables. A high-quality German spiralizer and a lunch with the dishes prepared are included in the class fees. A different fee is available for those who choose not to purchase the spiralizer from Emma.

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HK Cookery Spiralizer (9)

HK Cookery Spiralizer (11)

The spiralizer is a razor-sharp device that creates thin ribbons of vegetables. Over the last few years the spiralizer has become popular in Western cooking dishes that are traditionally made using simple carbohydrates such as rice and pasta. By recreating pasta noodle shapes using vegetables, you can have a much healthier alternative for your meals.

In Hong Kong, more and more people are learning about the spiralizer. Although there are some demonstrations at wellness centers and kitchen supply stores, very few people know where to get a good spiralizer around town, much less how to cook with one.

On the Menu

On our visit, we start off with a Pesto Zucchini Noodles, which serves as a good basis for how to use the spiralizer because zucchini is one of the easier vegetables to cut due to its inherently soft texture. We follow up with the Cucumber Rice Rolls with Coconut Satay Sauce. The subsequent dishes use firmer vegetables: Moroccan Carrot Salad, Sweet Potato Noodles in Mushroom Tomato Sauce, and Butternut Squash in Thai Green Curry.

HK Cookery Spiralizer (4)

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HK Cookery Spiralizer (8)

For each dish Emma describes the optimal shape of vegetable one should look for at the market and then how to cut the vegetable to fit optimally into the spiralizer. Each participant then has the opportunity to set up the spiralizer and cut the “noodles” themselves.

HK Cookery Spiralizer (17)

HK Cookery Spiralizer (12)

HK Cookery Spiralizer (19)

HK Cookery Spiralizer (21)

With over 4 years of experience using the spiralizer, Emma provides an abundance of tips on how to increase ease of use and safety.

While this class is focused on the spiralizer, it also reflects Emma’s vision for the entire Hong Kong Helpers Cookery brand; all her recipes are founded on healthy living and practicality. The recipes created by Emma herself use only coconut or extra virgin olive oil and they are all gluten-free. During class she also shares recommendations on where to purchase the ingredients used for best quality and pricing.

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HK Cookery Spiralizer (26)

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At the end of the course the participants taste each dish and bring a portion home to their employers. Emma explains that salt has been thoughtfully removed from the day’s cooking in case employers are on a sodium-free diet. She stresses to the helpers to make sure to adjust flavoring of the recipes according to their employers’ palates.

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Every participant who comes to Hong Kong Helpers Cookery for the first time receives a binder ready to be filled with recipes. Emma provides a laminated copy of the recipes from each of the enrolled classes. Whether the participant is enrolled in 1 or 10 classes, employers and helpers can see a list of the 10 different classes offered so employers can be inspired to enroll their helpers in future classes.

Closing Thoughts

The spiralizer class from Hong Kong Helper’s Cookery is one-of-a-kind in Hong Kong. Not only does the class offer a simple means to obtain a high-quality spiralizer—a rarity in Hong Kong—but Emma expertly trains your helpers on how to use it. The result of this class is the easy addition of healthy dishes to your household menu and healthy alternatives to using pasta and rice for recipes you already have.

Based on the spiralizer class, Hong Kong Helpers Cookery provides a knowledge-filled yet approachable environment for helpers to garner a solid foundation in healthy cooking. Whether you are already committed to a completely healthy diet or you would simply like to incorporate a few healthy dishes, Hong Kong Helpers Cookery is a sensible place to enroll your helpers.

They offer a wide variety of healthy cookery classes, ranging from liquid meals, to cooking with superfoods, to preparing kids’ school lunches. As we enter the new year with goals of improving our health, you can be sure to find a class—or maybe even 10!—at Hong Kong Helpers Cookery that will inspire you.

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