Hiring Resource: HelperChoice

Once you’ve made the decision that having a helper is right for you, you’re faced with your next big question: how are you going to hire her?

There are different approaches to finding and hiring a helper. Some employers find helpers through personal referrals of friends or neighbors; some through online forums; and some through agencies. Since Helpwise isn’t an agency, we’re happy to feature various helper hiring options, so that you can choose a hiring route that best suits you. Today we’ll be featuring HelperChoice.


HelperChoice was founded by Laurence Fauchon in 2012 following a decade-long career in investment banking. She had a vision to provide a hiring alternative that could be cost-effective for employers and free to helpers. She also wanted to give both parties the opportunity to contact each other directly.

HelperChoice Founder, Laurence Fauchon
HelperChoice Founder, Laurence Fauchon

Fusing these ideas together, Laurence created HelperChoice, a unique online platform that allows employers to contact job-seeking domestic helpers on their own. You can think of HelperChoice as the LinkedIn for domestic help. They aren’t an agency, so they don’t process paperwork and visas. Their main goal is to provide potential employers and helper candidates with an opportunity to find a direct match for themselves.

How does it work?

When you go to the HelperChoice website, you can browse their many helper profiles as part of their free membership. If you want to contact some of the candidates you like, you can pay $290 for the “premium membership” which lets you add your profile to the system, post job ads, and contact/be contacted by helpers for 30 days.

You’re encouraged to detail out the specific needs and preferences of your household. Then, using an internal messaging system, you can contact helper candidates, exchange messages with them, and set up interviews with the ones you think have potential. The helpers can also see your profile and they can message you, if they are interested in being interviewed.

Once you find a helper who is a good fit for your household, and you’re both ready to sign a contract, you can choose to either go through an agency to process paperwork; or, depending on the helper’s nationality and contract status, you may choose to handle the paperwork on your own.

HelperChoice founder, Laurence Fauchon, speaks with a domestic helper
Laurence speaks with a domestic helper

Closing Thoughts

HelperChoice is a useful option for employers who want to reach out directly to candidates without needing to get a referral from a friend. Their database is large, offering many types of candidates such as those who are overseas, already in Hong Kong, broken contracts, and finished contracts. Their search function lets employers apply specific criteria to help locate candidates who have the potential of becoming a good fit for their household.

We encourage employers using this hiring route to be as specific as possible in their job description, so that you get contacted by helpers who have potential to be a good match for you. You can also ask helpers to reply with specific information when they contact you. Providing clarity up front can save you time, by helping to eliminate some candidates who may not have been the right fit.

Best wishes on your search!

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