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A Mother-in-Law’s Advice My mother-in-law gave me a useful tip when we were hiring our first helper. She suggested that I spend a couple of days cleaning my house before my helper arrived, so that our new helper would see it in it’s cleanest and most organized state. But this goes against what comes naturally, […]

What is Superhelper? Superhelper is a helper training center that has been in business for over 12 years. They offer a range of workshops that enable helpers to increase their skills in the areas of housekeeping, hospitality, cooking, and elderly care. Marilyn Santiago-Kerr, who is Superhelper’s founder, is a mother of two who has experience […]

When I started writing this post, I realized that my own helper might not know what do if my child had a health emergency. Should she call me? Should she just take my child to the hospital? I guess I’ve just assumed that if something bad happened that my helper would probably call 999 and […]