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We’re entering the holiday season where many of us get to indulge in tasty snacks and extra helpings at the dinner table. Yet around the corner awaits our New Year’s self who wants to start eating more healthily and the thought of getting your helper to support your new eating habits seems intimidating. Don’t despair! […]

First Aid for Domestic Helpers For many families in Hong Kong, it is common for the domestic helper to spend a significant amount of time with the children of the family, so more and more families are finding it worthwhile to have their helpers gain basic understanding in first aid, so they can respond appropriately […]

Craving fresh Italian food without having to go to a restaurant? We found a woman who can teach your helper how to make home-made pasta – just like they do in Italy! What is Azia Dolce Vita? A home-cooked Italian meal is possible with Azia Dolce Vita, an Italian pasta business with cooking classes, run […]