Craving fresh Italian food without having to go to a restaurant? We found a woman who can teach your helper how to make home-made pasta – just like they do in Italy!

What is Azia Dolce Vita?

A home-cooked Italian meal is possible with Azia Dolce Vita, an Italian pasta business with cooking classes, run by Azia Muglioni.  She is a seasoned professional chef whose primary cooking skills were first taught by her mother and grandmother in Italy. She is also formally trained in Paris, London, and Rome.

The cooking classes with Azia Dolce Vita are open to domestic helpers and non-helpers alike. Azia welcomes participants into her home in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong with her warm, hospitable spirit. She simply wants to share her joy of Italian cooking with others.

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The Solo Pasta Cooking Class

Helpwise was recently invited to participate in a ravioli pasta making class. During the 3 hour class, Azia taught us how to make a delicious bowl of ravioli; from the pasta to the filling to the sauce. She points out that once someone learns the technique for making ravioli, they automatically garner a handful of meals in their repertoire simply by varying the sauce and filling, such as substituting spinach for butternut squash filling, or cream sauce for tomato sauce.

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Azia thoughtfully prepares an area at a large table for every participant which includes an apron, printed recipe, kitchen utensils, and tools. The participants are then able to perform each step of the cooking process with the necessary ingredients and tools at their disposal.

The first step is preparing the spinach ricotta filling. She talks about the produce used in the ravioli and shares tips on where to purchase the best quality ingredients.

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While the spinach is cooking on the stove, each participant makes the pasta dough which is composed of different kinds of flour that are carefully measured out. Everyone kneads her own pasta dough as Azia walks around to check and comment on consistency and texture.

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While the dough rests in the refrigerator, the group makes the spinach-ricotta filling. Azia observes as one participant chops the spinach, and then coaches her how to properly hold and rock the knife under her palm for effectiveness. She also explains the proportion of spinach to ricotta is a personal one that may need to be fine-tuned.

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Next is the exciting step of using the pasta machine to make the ravioli. Azia assists each participant with her pasta machine, guiding them on how to roll the dough to the correct thickness. She also provides plenty of pasta-making tools to try different shapes and sizes of ravioli.

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To minimize the waiting time, Azia begins to cook a batch of ravioli while everyone finishes filling their dough. Participants are invited into her kitchen where they watch her make a simple basil parmesan cream sauce to dress the ravioli.

The treat at the end of class is the chance to taste the dish and take pride in the delicious accomplishment. There is plenty of uncooked pasta for each participant to take away and Azia provides boxes for each participant to take home.

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Closing Thoughts

Azia’s passion and expertise in Italian cooking is evident, and she truly aims to share the joy of cooking with the participants in her class.

The solo pasta cooking class we participated in is just one of several types of cooking classes offered by Azia Dolce Vita. There are also private cooking classes where Azia can come to your home, as well as 4-hour cooking classes with multiple courses on the menu.

So, whether you are just looking to add a pasta dish to your family’s meals, or a full dinner to serve your guests, the food your helper will prepare for you after classes at Azia Dolce Vita will provide you with a little taste of Italy right in the comfort of your own home.

Of Note: Although Azia welcomes and often has helpers attending her classes, there are currently no helper-specific cooking class at Azia Dolce Vita. Therefore, when signing your helper up for this class, it may be worth letting your helper know that there will be people of different nationalities and experience level in these classes.

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