Your personal HR department for helper-related topics. 
Helpwise understands that the working and living dynamic between employers and their domestic helpers is uniquely complex. Whether you’re completely new to the idea of having a helper, or you’ve been employing helpers for many years, we want to be your trustworthy resource that you can turn to for advice on hiring, training, and day-to-day managing of your domestic help.


We are not a helper agency, so we don’t process visas and match you with helpers. Instead, we strive to be a neutral support that can advise you through everything from choosing the right helper to finding management solutions that are tailored to your specific household.


Practical Assistance through Classes and Coaching. 
Our practical classes and personalized coaching will help you:

  • Learn practical tips and management principles that will let you enjoy a stable and productive working partnership with your helper.
  • Understand how to use checklists, templates, and tools that will make day-to-day life with a helper a happier arrangement for your household.
  • Develop a management style that works for you, because no two employer-helper relationships are the same.

Respectful Learning Environment. 
Helpwise offers you a friendly environment to get answers and learn fresh management ideas. We respect and recognize that every household is different and every employer has their own story. Our teachers create a safe atmosphere, where honest questions and conversations can take place.

We’re Happy to Help!
Helpwise is honored to serve clients from different cultures, different walks of life, and different levels of helper management experience. We think everyone deserves a chance at a happy home and a healthy working relationship.

The Founder: Melanie Leung-Shea


Melanie has always had a passion for people and managing. Growing up in the United States with a father and grandfather who were both business owners, she learned about managing people from a young age (and just how rewarding and challenging it can be). Wherever she worked, Melanie was known for her professionalism and enthusiasm– whether she was managing a photography studio, planning community events and programs, or running her own wedding planning business.

Over ten years ago, she met (and then married) a guy from Hong Kong, and together they moved back to his hometown. Melanie became fascinated by the employer-helper dynamic, and the role it played in the life of Hong Kong. With a desire to get more helpful information circulating among employers, she began writing materials and teaching employers how to use management principles, tools, and techniques at home with their helpers. And thus, Helpwise was born.