Dedicated to Supporting Employers of Domestic Helpers

Helpwise provides practical and healthy advice that equips you to navigate your domestic helper journey with confidence. You’ll get the knowledge and tools you need to hire, train, and manage your helper so you can have a happy working and living environment. Helpwise is a safe place to get clarity on your helper questions.


Practical Workshops

Packed with real-life scenarios, interactive exercises, and practical tools, our workshops will teach you how to professionalize the working relationship with your helper. You’ll find out which management techniques and systems work best for you and your household’s needs. From hiring and interviewing, to training and ongoing management, our workshops will equip you for every step of your helper journey.
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“When we moved to Hong Kong, we quickly saw that there weren’t many resources available for employers of domestic helpers. But Helpwise gave us caring and trustworthy advice based on experience, wisdom, and the desire to help all parties involved.”
Whitney Fritsch


Private Consultations

A private consultation with Helpwise founder Melanie Leung-Shea will provide clarity and insights to your helper questions. Trying to decide if hiring a helper is right for you? Want an opinion on the helpers that you’ve interviewed? Need help navigating through a difficult helper situation? Get insights and advice to help you take the next step, whatever situation you’re facing.  
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“Melanie is great; I went through a very delicate and difficult moment with my helper and she was able to give me the right support and the right tips in order to manage the situation in the most efficient and quickest way.”
Lisa Boscardin


Melanie Leung-Shea, Founder

Known for her warmth and wisdom, Melanie is passionate about helping employers enjoy a happy home by guiding them to professionalize their working relationship with their helper. She founded Helpwise with her Hong Kong-born husband to bring healthy advice and practical management solutions to this unique employer-employee relationship.


The Helpwise Pledge to You

Helpwise is honored to serve clients from different cultures, different walks of life, and different levels of helper management experience. We respect that each household is different and every employer has their own story. We’re committed to creating a safe atmosphere where honest questions and conversations can take place, and provided answers that are professional and considerate.

“Melanie is an excellent speaker, funny and practical. The session was really enjoyable and I was very happy to have some action steps for when I got home.”
Kat Lau, Sassy Mama

Our Workshop Topics

Our workshops are offered as group classes, or as private in-person or phone sessions.

Should I Get A Helper? 5 Common questions and concerns get addressed
How to Hire & Interview: Increasing your chances of getting a good match
Helper Management Essentials: Professionalizing a unique relationship
Training & Communicating: Building and managing performance
Setting Boundaries & Expectations: Hot topics and home guidelines
Handling Conflict & Challenges: Preparing for potential difficulties
Parenting With a Helper: Navigating the tricky parent-child-helper triangle